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Arachitol 6L Injection

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Arachitol 6L Injection is used if your diet does not provide enough vitamin D and may be used to treat certain bone conditions such as thinning of the bones (osteoporosis).


Arachitol 6L Injection is given under the supervision of a healthcare professional and should not be self-administered. You should take it regularly to get the most benefit from it. If you are using it to treat osteoporosis you will be prescribed other medicines as well. This medicine may be only part of a complete program of treatment that also includes making changes to your diet and taking calcium and vitamin supplements. Learn about the foods you should eat to make sure you get enough calcium and vitamin D in your diet.

Some of the common side effects are pain, redness, and swelling at the site of injection in some people. If you take too much you may feel weakness, muscle pain, or have a metallic taste in your mouth.

Uses of  Arachtol Injection

  • Osteoporosis
  • Vitamin D deficiency

Side effects of Arachtol Injection

  • Injection site reactions (pain, swelling, redness)

How to use Arachtol Injection??

Your doctor or nurse will give you this medicine. Kindly do not self administer.

Safety Advice


Please consult your doctor.


Please consult your doctor.


Safe if Prescribed by Doctor




Please consult your doctor.


Please consult your doctor.

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