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Aerocort Inhaler

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Aerocort Inhaler is used in the treatment of asthma (wheezing and shortness of breath). It relaxes the muscles of the air passages and makes it easier to breathe.

Aerocrat inhaler is used to treat asthma and this is suggested by your doctor that you how often you need to use your inhaler. Some of the effects may be noticeable after a few days but will only reach their maximum after a few weeks.
The most common side effects are hoarseness of voice, sore throat, fungal infection of the mouth, respiratory tract infection, headache, and muscle cramp.

Uses of aerocort Inhaler

  • Asthma

Side Effects of Aerocort Inhaler

  • Hoarseness of voice
  • Sore throat
  • Fungal infection of mouth
  • Respiratory tract infection
  • Headache
  • Muscle cramp

How to use Aerocort Inhaler??

Check the label for directions before use. Shake the inhaler. While you are breathing in from the mouth, press down on the inhaler one time to release the medication and hold your breath for 10 seconds. Repeat until you have inhaled the number of puffs as suggested by the doctor. Afterward, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water and spit it out.

Safety Advice


Aerocort Inhaler may cause excessive drowsiness with alcohol.


Please consult your doctor.


Aerocort Inhaler is probably safe to use during breastfeeding. Limited human data suggests that the drug does not represent any significant risk to the baby.


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