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  • E Sign
  • Location Detail

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    GST/PAN Details

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Medical Store Details

An Opportunity to Register Your Pharmacy Online

For setting-up your pharmacy for online medicine order, you will require to either set-up own online pharmacy website / mobile app or need to create seller account or taking franchise of existing online pharmacy portals. We are Dawaaghar offer you to register your pharmacy online with us and list your medicine and sell it.

Setting Up Your Pharmacy For Online

Any person can set up or register pharmacy online with dawaaghar if he is registered with a licensed traditional drug store or if it has partnered with a licensed dealer to execute the online orders in India.

How to Promote Your Pharmacy Online With Dawaaghar?

Customers not only want low prices for their prescriptions, they also want effective and convenient advice. Since you’ll be running your store online, you should primarily be advertising and listing your pharmacy for online medicine with dawaaghar website. We are boosting your online presence in India in online medicine order. You may also advertise your product on our portal. This may be done either by direct recommendations from the dawaaghar approval.

An Opportunity To Grow With Dawaaghar

It is natural for a business-minded person to throw online with e pharmacy in India . Experts suggest that the pharma industry is flourishing and moving toward greater glory. Therefore, the time has come to take advantage of the global and national boom in demand for pharmaceuticals industry. This can create a viable business in the long term. To register your pharmacy in India, chemist shop or a wholesale outlet with dawaaghar, you will first need to fulfill a few procedural requirements.

Eligibility For Online Pharmacy Registration on Dawaaghar

However, you should know that in most of the states, a person must have a university-accredited diploma or pharmacy degree. It will be helpful to obtain pharmacy registration on Dawaaghar such as Retail Drug License (RDL) from the state drugs standard control organization then we add your pharmacy online. We approve your pharmacy on our website if we have found right document and details.

Documents Required For Registration Your Pharmacy Online at Dawaaghar

Check here, we listed some of the important document for listing your pharmacy online at dawaaghar.

  • Declaration form,
  • GST/PAN Details and E-Sign
  • A Detailed Bio-data or Information
  • Basis of possession of the premises
  • Required Application forms and fee
  • Challan of fee deposited to dawaaghar
  • Copy of partnership deed if partnership firm
  • Proof of constitution of the firm (Certified copy)
  • Proof of ownership of the premises, if rented or owner details,
  • Two photographs of Proprietor/Partners/Authorized applicant (copy of voter I.D., driving license)
  • Affidavit of Registered Pharmacist / Competent person regarding full-time working with the firm duly attested by Notary.

Note : Dawaaghar check and approve your pharmacy registration online. If we found any miss or illegal product or information you added we notice and cancel your registration any time.

We are register only online pharmacies that fit into the Indian Legal system because the online pharmacies create an advantageous situation for both consumers as well as pharmacists. Be sure to read the guidelines that came with the application form before submitting your application, to help ensure that you provide us with all the information you need, in the correct format that we listed on our website

What are the Processing Time on Registering Your Pharmacy Online at Dawaaghar?

If we found all of the item correct then we inform your with one week from the date of submission of application form online.


Visit on and go to business partner and fill up your details we will contact you as well as soon.

Dawaaghar portal, you can register your pharmacy online in a simple following easy steps:-

  • Sign Up - A detailed information details provide for online pharmacy registration.
  • Sign Up - Then upload all the required documents and fee.
  • Sell - Go live and start selling your products and services.

Yes, If you want to list your pharmacy on dawaaghar then you have a valid licence then you can list you pharmacy online.

On Dawaaghar portal, you can list pharmacy that have found legal or have a licence.

All the applicants have to pay a certain fee to acquire pharmacy registration at dawaaghar. Contact us for register your pharmacy online at dawaaghar. We are sure this information would be helpful for you.

The product and services commission charges vary for different cities in India. You will be able to see the commission applicable for you once the preliminary onboarding details have been filled on Dawaaghar, Business Partner.